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Workshopping at  UT

Workshopping at UT

It's not so much about carving out a writerly life, but having a life of writing. I happen to be good at making sentences, revising them, and engaging others about their sentences.

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Photo:  J  ohn Dean

Photo: John Dean

Imagine books as rocks across a stream, I've leapt from one to another over an improbable career publishing everything from chapbooks to photo books, scholarship to literature.

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Teaching at  Loyola University

Teaching at Loyola University

Formal teaching occurred later in my life, but I've always been a teacher: from guiding authors through the publishing process to showing young people that their stories have power.

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Working with youth at  CityLit

Working with youth at CityLit

For more than 10 years, nonprofit CityLit Project has presented public programs, delivered writers workshops, engaged youth through creative writing, and grown a literary imprint. Its work serves readers and writers around Maryland and across the country.

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